Hi! My name is Ashley.  I grew up on the top of a hill in a little village nestled in the Finger Lakes Region of New York.  In the winter of 2014, I made a skip two lakes over from my hometown to a little eclectic mix of rural and urban living near the city of Ithaca in the historic district of Forest Home.  My husband, Matt, and I,  lived in a quaint, white-walled, lofted-ceiling guest house with our two cats, Capa + Taro.  Our home rested in a trove of pine trees that was abuzz with wildlife.  In the early summer a little over a year later we moved to the village of Fairport (just a short drive from Rochester, NY).  We welcomed our baby girl, Emily,  in October 2016.  She's the light that illuminates our life.  

I spend most of my days raising my little pumpkin, photo-taking, editing, writing, planning, and snacking.  I'm so happy you've found this space! Thanks for stopping by. 


This blog originally started as a less static portfolio of my photography work.  Over time it began to reflect other interests of mine: recipes, travel-found eateries and happenings. Perhaps most exciting, was the growth it generated as a portal for collaborating with other artists showcasing trade, talent, and stories.  Part of what has helped me grow so much in my photography work and as a person is learning and connecting with others.  I find inspiration in writers, musicians, film-makers, photographers, books, movies, builders, creators, helpers, and seemingly meaningless banter over coffee.  I have found that I am most moved by the connections between people and the elements of life, their life - a story in which I am ever intrigued by. This blog is a space for me to share things I find, things I'm up to, mothering, and of course --  the spark of connections near and far!