We got married!

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Matt and I got married! 

I'm a wife now! I love it more than anything. On October 24th, sixty-four beautiful human beings, our closest friends and family, congregated on 180 St. Paul Street in Rochester to support Matt and I while we said our vows to one another.  The evening could not have been any more magical.  

It's been a huge year... lots of change; moving, starting a new big job, and getting married - and even though it's been a lot to wrap my head around - it's been a journey that I'd relive a million times.  My life has become more enriched and more valued, and in turn it's helped me to understand things in a way I never have before.  I've never felt more full or more in love in all my life.  

The morning of the wedding, my Maid of Honor, Shawna, and I got ready at the Del Monte in Pittsford - this was followed by a day at the spa and an evening with my family at Label 7.  I can't say enough about the amazing staff at the Del Monte and Renaissance Hotel - they brought us safety pins in the middle of the night, rushed us snacks and toddies, let us hang my dress from a (likely thousands of dollars) antler chandelier, and dealt with Shawna and I belly-laughing non-stop throughout all of our waiting moments in the relaxation room at the spa.  It was amazing and perfect, and I highly recommend staying there - even if you are from close by! Label 7 in Pittsford was the very best... it reminded me so much of all the local, farm-to-table restaurants I miss so much from Ithaca. They_had_truffle_fries.  I love it there and it's my new fav.

Our wedding was very intimate - our goal number of guests was 50.  It grew by 14 in the end.  Very small was important because Matt and I could really only envision it that way.  Cameron Mills was our Officiant.  He has been a longstanding best friend to Matt - but he and his wife, Alicia, and their beautiful Ramona have grown to be our closest friends over the past two years.  It was an incredible honor that Cam married us - no one was more fitting for the job.  He told a beautiful story.  Not a dry eye in the house! Shawna and Adam were our 'wedding party' - and if any of you know these two, you know they're enough party - they were truly all we could handle! ;) These two have seen me through it all - the only two people beside Matt who can make me laugh so hard I cry, and who can fix whatever ails me --  I love them so much.  It meant the world to me that they stood with us and played such a huge, huge part in our wedding.

I wish I could go back to the day and watch it all.  It was my most favorite day of all the days of my life.  Two things I set out to do after the ceremony was to hug every single person who came, and to take moments to slow down and take everything in.  I want to thank my sweet photographer and beautiful friend, Erin, for taking Matt and I outside halfway through the reception to get a shot of us dancing.  It was a moment that Matt and I reflect back on often and are so thankful for.  

Matt and I decided to write our own vows - we elected to give three promises followed by a couple of sentences about how we felt about each other. Matt memorized his vows - the perfect individual that he is.  I wrote mine over and over on a scrap piece of paper from the hotel.  The ceremony was short and sweet - and I cried.  Of course.  A trio of strings played Rylee, Shawna, and I in - this was Untitled III by Sigur Ros, and Nick Drake's "Fly" played us out.  Kraig Adams filmed the day - and I cannot WAIT to see it.  Have you ever watched his work? Ladies, grab a bottle of wine and prepare to cry the night away watching his stuff. The films he makes are so moving and perfect.  He's crazy good.  

Erin, (our Photographer), and I met at a coffee shop that I used to work at - coincidentally enough, she's the one who turned me on to John Larkin Photography.  John is the amazing person that runs Studio180 where we were married!  I've had the privilege of photographing Erin and her family for several years now and I've grown to love them so much! Erin and I are two peas in a pod. She photographed our wedding perfectly - this girl was actually laying in puddles to get shots.. the majority of these photos were photographed by Erin and edited by me (thank you to Sue Park for a few extras strewn throughout the gallery above).  I appreciate you both so much for your photography skills.  You're the very best.   

From the bottom of my heart; I am so thankful for our parents, and extended family, Shawna; my sister and Maid of Honor, my brother and Matt's best man; Adam, both for keeping things light and keeping us laughing, our Officiant; Cameron, for delivering the most beautiful vows for us, our sweet niece Rylee for doing such a great job as our flower girl, John Larkin for the amazing Studio180, Kate for coordinating and recreating my vision more perfectly than I could've ever imagined, Susan Pulver and Ellie Minns (soon-to-be Jensen) for lending me my something borrowed, something blue; enamelware serving trays from the kitchen of their beautiful mother, Missy, as well as multiple vintage apothecary bottles that held my white peonies and seed pods.  The incredibly talented Tracy Burgio of Kneads + Wants, who designed and literally handmade (no electrical kitchen tools used) our wedding cake and cookies.  Our crazy delicious local/seasonal and housemade hors duerves by Lindsay Steinberg of Green Zebra Catering.  Extra thanks to my Mother in Law for making one hundred chocolate mousse tarts!! Muchos gracias to SweetBeez | my urban beekeeping friends, who provided 3 gallons of unfiltered local raw honey to us for our wedding favors! Huge thank you to Hanna Hurwitz and crew from Eastman for their musical talents on the violin, cello & viola, covering not only Nick Drake but Sigur Ros (P.S I'm blaming you for making me cry like crazy when I walked down the aisle). Thank you to Edward at Arena's for the most gorgeous vine-wrapped bouquets.  So many hugs and kisses to the outrageously talented Kraig Adams and Erin Lowcock for documenting our big day.  Erica Stoy; on hair - for her amazing, amazing work. Thanks to Anna Vasquez of Nested Yellow for swiftly making my herkimer diamond earrings over the weekend and expediting them to me all the way from Portland so I'd have them in time for our wedding.  Thank you so, so much to Kristin Coffin for designing and making my beloved eco-friendly engagement ring from the mountains of Colorado.  Thank you so very much to my lady Chantal for being my travel buddy and sitting curbside with me in a gasless automobile after our food excursion to Ithaca <3 BIG THANKS to Ithaca Farmers Market , Hart's and the Piggery for their incredible meats and fromagere's; Keeley's Cheese Co., and Kenton's and all the other local vittles; jams, and pickled & spicy things we used for our scratch made cheese and charcuterie plates. Thank you also to the GreenStar for having really great vegan cheeses on hand.  Big, big, giant thank you to all of our friends and family who traveled to be with us as we start this big journey! 

Little Barn Apothecary Giveaway Winners!

I got home from work on Thursday to find a box on my doorstep.  I was expecting the fizzy's from Little Barn Apothecary and hulkishly ripped the package open to delight in the most glorious of scents.  I was so excited to find just below the simple tub tabs, a hand-written letter from Little Barn Apothecary's owners, Joshua & Brad-- along with an extremely gracious gift; their simple detox mask.  I immediately opened the glass jar, tapped the magic into my palm, and mixed with local honey.  You guys, I slathered that heaven onto my face for at least ten minutes.  It was so cooling and fragrant I couldn't stop!  It is by far the most magnificent thing that has ever graced my skin.  I am obsessed with it.  Obsessed! 

head over hills blog

What a sweet surprise to come home to-- and what a beautiful thing to be able to connect with such wonderful people even from miles and miles away.  I was so inspired by Brad and Joshua's thoughtfulness that I decided to extend the simple tub tabs to five of the Little Barn Apothecary giveaway participants.  

I had Rafflecopter select five participant names at random--

Chelsee N., Sarah P., Nicole G., Em R., and Katharine B! 

Congratulations to this weeks winners!

I will email you shortly to confirm your shipping address.  Thank you so very much to everyone who entered! Your love and support is so appreciated! <3 

*Image above sourced from @littlebarnapothecary