downton abbey

downton abbey

do any of you watch downton abbey?        

i am so hooked!  i'm only on episode six of season three so don't tell me any spoilers! something so devastating happened in the last episode i watched and i can't stop thinking about it today.  i wish i could say more, but i don't want to ruin it for anyone who plans to watch!  even if this show seems like something you'd never be into, just watch three episodes-- i bet you'll be hooked too! it's incredible.   



so, in an attempt to try to heal from last nights episode i'm just stalking all things downton... like these paper dolls.  what?


and yes, i've already printed them and i'm beginning designs for lady sybil's custom dress.


and how about martha stewart's gingerbread downton abbey!? can she be any cooler right now?  martha and i would be such great friends.










i don't have television, so i'm hoarding  episodes right now (p.s if you haven't invested in amazon prime - it's amazing, students and teachers get a discount., you get instant videos/shows/music and free two-day shipping on most products). anyhow, i can't really imagine a time when i won't be able to watch the latest episode at my leisure. 

here's the first episode,

you're welcome.