Little Barn Apothecary Giveaway Winners!

I got home from work on Thursday to find a box on my doorstep.  I was expecting the fizzy's from Little Barn Apothecary and hulkishly ripped the package open to delight in the most glorious of scents.  I was so excited to find just below the simple tub tabs, a hand-written letter from Little Barn Apothecary's owners, Joshua & Brad-- along with an extremely gracious gift; their simple detox mask.  I immediately opened the glass jar, tapped the magic into my palm, and mixed with local honey.  You guys, I slathered that heaven onto my face for at least ten minutes.  It was so cooling and fragrant I couldn't stop!  It is by far the most magnificent thing that has ever graced my skin.  I am obsessed with it.  Obsessed! 

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What a sweet surprise to come home to-- and what a beautiful thing to be able to connect with such wonderful people even from miles and miles away.  I was so inspired by Brad and Joshua's thoughtfulness that I decided to extend the simple tub tabs to five of the Little Barn Apothecary giveaway participants.  

I had Rafflecopter select five participant names at random--

Chelsee N., Sarah P., Nicole G., Em R., and Katharine B! 

Congratulations to this weeks winners!

I will email you shortly to confirm your shipping address.  Thank you so very much to everyone who entered! Your love and support is so appreciated! <3 

*Image above sourced from @littlebarnapothecary